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Dried Fruits Services in Afghanistan

Afghanistan boasts a vast array of high-quality, organic, and highly sought-after dried fruits. The selection of Afghan dried fruits includes fruits such as raisins, apricots, figs, cherries, prunes, dates, almonds, mulberries and many more, the process of drying fruits in Afghanistan is a family business that has been passed down from one generation to another for many years.

People typically dry their fruit in an entirely natural way either in the sun or, as it is the case with certain varieties of grapes, in unique ‘raisin rooms’ known as Sayagi Khana. Afghanistan is considered a key producer and supplier of various dried fruits in the world

Afghanistan exports its dry fruit produce to numerous countries around the world we at Sayadan Agricultural & livestock Services Co. have lots of farms and gardens and we produce quality Afghan dry fruits, local or International companies want us to supply for them we are here to support, local or  international companies and investors want to invest in this sector we here to pave the way for them, if  donors be interested to support us in this regard we are more than happy to negotiate and enter into an agreement to contact us please click here.

dried fruits

Note: Afghanistan is a land locked country and transporting dried fruits to overseas markets specially the gulf countries, India and Europe which are great market for Afghanistan dried fruits is incredibly challenging and sometimes impossible, we kindly ask donors to subsidize our exports by air cargo to these countries this enabled Afghan farmers to engage in sustainable economic activities to contact us please click here.

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