Sayadan Agriculture

Refund Policy

Refund Policy: In case of canceling any of our services all payments which are done are subjected to our refund policy a client can claim for a refund with below terms and condition.

  • If the payments are less than $ 100 it is not included in our Refund Policy, in other words payments less than 100 $ will not be refunded.

  • Payments more than 100 $ are refundable but 25 % of the actual invoice amount will be deducted as cancellation fee and 4.5 % will be deduct as payment processing fee in total 29.5 % will be deducted the rest of the payment will be refunded in cash or transferred to client’s bank account or PayPal account whichever is convenient or preferred by client.

  • if any goods or logistical supplies purchased from third party the third-party cancellation policy is also applicable and the clients are accountable to pay for that on top of our cancellation fees, we can share third party cancellation and refund policy upon request.
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