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CEO & Co-Founder

Muqim Jamshady CEO & Founder

Mr. Muqim Jamshady
CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Muqim Jamshady the CEO and Co-founder Sayadan Agricultural & Livestock Service Co. and Founder of Afghan Logistics Services Ltd He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who established Sayadan Agricultural & Livestock Service Co. at a time when Afghanistan was full of uncertainty and in its darkest stage the peace talks were not going on successfully and coalition forces also were planning to leave Afghanistan, but Mr. Muqim Jamshady was optimistic about future of the country and did not give up and established Sayadan Agricultural & Livestock Service Co. in 2020 . This company operate with market intelligence, determination, passion and commitment to clients, donors, and long-term vision.

Sayadan Agricultural & Livestock Service Co. is established in 2020, is expanding to this day and well-known in Afghanistan, in the region, and worldwide with a solid reputation known to the local and international community.

Sayadan Agricultural & Livestock Service Co. prides itself being the first to start Agricultural, Livestock and Poultry Services with high standards and the first to develop a Mobile Phone Application which can manage the company all administrative, financial, and stock online through the App and web portal this App even can manage the administrative, finance and stock of our franchised sales shops and branches across the country. Today this company is one of the most trusted and successful Afghan companies.

Sayadan Agricultural & Livestock Service Co. ¬†established itself as ‘one-stop shop’ in Afghanistan and provide solutions in the areas of.

Agriculture | Livestock | Poultry | Fish Farms | Medication | Poultry & Livestock Feed | Fresh Fruit | Dried Fruit | Farming | Training | Cooperatives | Machinery, Tools and Fertilizers

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