Sayadan Agriculture


Farming Services in Afghanistan

Different farming opportunities  are available in Afghanistan, such as fish farming, cow farming, poultry farming agricultural farming, honey bees farming and many more, manpower is also not very expensive in Afghanistan the Ministry of Agricultural and Livestock of Afghanistan is ready to lease the farming land to investors in a very reasonable lease price for up to 99 years of lease period agricultural water is also accessible very easily through rivers and canals in some places where it is not easy to get access to water through rivers and canals renewable energy and wells are the best option,

Afghanistan has more than 300 days of sunshine in a course of one year which is a great energy source in agriculture sector , if local or international companies and investors want to invest in this sector we here to pave the way for them, if  donors be interested to support us in this regard we are more than happy to negotiate and enter into an agreement to contact us please click here.

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